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Compagnie 12.0 was born from the fortuitous meeting of two adventurers, Anselmo and Laura,

in June 2018 in Aveyron (department no. 12 in the list of French

departements or regions), under a big top full of stars!!
One was returning from a solitary ocean crossing aboard his sailboat,

and the other one, from her spiritual trip to India.
We should have called ourselves "Duo", because there are two of us,

but we are also inhabited by two beings,

so we preferred to call ourselves "Compagnie".
We tell  ourselves that it leaves our horizons open,

and we love that concept.
We started the first project of 12.0, with a two-person comic

theatre and modern circus show, and, as one thing leads to another,

this led to a cultural project in the local area.
Incredible human adventures followed, with other mixed art projects,

where we had the pleasure of meeting many other artists

and sharing the stage with them.
A beautiful fertile ground, to nurture other creations!
We look at Compagnie 12.0 as a toolbox in which we can merge

several projects, shows, cultural
interventions, performances and all our crazy ideas !

Laura Bernocchi

I have loved the circus since I was a child, and when I met the theater

I fell in love with it too.

I work trying to combine these two arts

as much as possible.

In my circus research I also try to

give space to the theatrical gesture

and not just to the technique.

Within a show, I try to explore the creation

of more theatrical characters,

capable of performing unusual virtuosities.


He started juggling at the age of 16 at catering high school in Souillac!
A cook, and then a craftsman by trade,

it is in live performance that Anselmo has chosen to be creative.
After multiple duo performances with

his brother in a versatile juggling show,

he joined the «Le Cabaret D’Hiver »

troupe in Limoges in 2017.
He stayed with them for two seasons in the creation of multidisciplinary shows.
He created Compagnie 12.0 in 2020/21 with his colleague Laura.
Spectacular D.I.Y. Handyman, multi-talented technician and maritime explorer,

this 'self-taught' entertainer ventures

over the roads and the seas, always

with one foot in Aveyron.
For 15 years he has been involved in the organization of concerts and shows in Saint-Affrique, with Poly
Sons Association for which he has

become a lighting technician.

And with whom he still collaborateswhen

he is not busy with Cie 12.0.
Passionate about adventures,

circus is a home for him!

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